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DIY American Flag Decorations

DIY American Flag Decorations

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Show off your American pride with these adorable decor ideas

Make your Independence Day party pop!

Have you ever tried hand-making decorations for Independence Day? After all, isn’t it the American way to put a lot of love and pride into everything we do, especially for such a patriotic holiday?

To help you get inspired, we rounded up a few ways to make your own American flag for useful party vessels:

Wood Pallet

With a little paint, a few stencils, and a wooden pallet, you can create a rustic American flag to hang on your wall or use in the backyard for drink displays.

Candle Log

Looking to set the mood the American way? A branch from the backyard along with a few appropriate color paints could get you an adorable candle holder.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Of course, acrylic paint and a few mason jars can make your tabletop pop with American pride!

Patriotic Decor – DIY American Flag Clothespins Wreath

Red, white and blue wreaths are so bold, beautiful, and patriotic, therefore I decided to make one this year for the 4th of July. This American flag wreath is one of my favorites. It is easy and inexpensive to craft with items you may have on hand. I used clothespins from the Dollar Tree and paint I had on hand.

Finished red, white and blue Patriotic Wreath

My inspiration for this DIY flag wreath a case of CABIN FEVER. Therefore, so my daughter and I started a crafting group this summer and we would like to invite you to join us HERE.

17 Fabulous 4th of July Decorations

Love style of this porch from Liz Marie Blog!

Vanessa from at the picket fence transforms recycled bottles into a festive 4th of July centerpiece.

Decorate your front porch with this DIY American Flag pallet! Get the full tutorial on And This Marine Wife

Cute and fun DIY burlap banner from See Vanessa Craft makes an easy indoor or outdoor 4th of July decorations statement.

Use these red, white, and blue mason jars from Maison de Pax on your table, mantle, or any place you want to make a statement.

Use this lovely mantle from Destrophoto via Instagram as design inspiration!

Go all out & all star with this idea from The Concrete Cottage

The most unique 4th of July centerpiece that&rsquos easy & inexpensive from Crafts Unleashed

Here&rsquos more mantle inspiration from The Frugal Homemaker

Whimsical DIY shutter from Hossier Homemade will add a festive detail to any porch!

Love a wreath on your front door? Check out this cute idea from The Project Corner

Or maybe this one from Craftaholics Anonymous is more your style?

A red, white, and blue rag wreath is an easy DIY 4th decoration that takes a little time to complete, but is so worth it! Sassy Sanctuary will guide you through each step!

DIY luminaries light the way! See how to make these 4th of July decorations on Keep Calm and Decorate

The flag over the mantle makes a great focal point! See more on Plum Pretty & Design

You can make a plain flower pot look super vintage & patriotic by following the steps in this easy DIY tutorial over on Lolly Jane!

When I saw these over at Sondra Lyn at Home I knew I wanted to include them for those of you looking for easy fourth of July decorations!

Here&rsquos another simple DIY July fourth banner from Jo-Lynne Shane that would look perfect on your mantle or food table!

Easy DIY Patriotic Tissue Paper Tassel Garland from Landeelu!

Have fun decorating and have a fabulous 4th of July!

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If you enjoyed this collection of DIY 4th of July decorations, share it on Pinterest!

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How to Paint an American Flag for 4th of July

This post contains links for your convenience to products that I use and recommend. If you should order any product through this site, I may receive compensation, but you don’t pay a penny more.

Here’s the beginning of this flag story. Years ago I made a mosaic top for a wrought iron table base. When we moved into this home, I wanted a rustic look for the patio table so I made a top of cedar boards by screwing them together and painting the top, first pale blue and then white.

I had used metal and wood pieces to attach the boards, but one board was never quite secure. We really needed a table that was a little bigger and much sturdier.

We ordered a new table from Wayfair, but I hated just to throw the old tabletop away. Then the idea of painting it to look like an American flag came to me. The tabletop was 22

inches which was just about the perfect size for a flag.

Supplies for Painting an American Flag

  • First, you need a piece of wood or a palette. If you don’t have one hanging around, make your own with one piece of plywood or 1 X 4’s attached as I did with my original tabletop. You want a rectangle! Or check your craft store for unpainted wooden boards. That’s what I did back in the fall when I made my fall

chalk paint, Fusion mineral paint, or acrylic

Step 1

Measuring for Stars and Stripes

I Googled an image of the American flag so that I could see exactly where the 13 stripes are placed. The top and bottom ones are red. My tabletop was 22 inches wide which meant my stripes could be just about 1 3/8

inches wide. The length of the board was 36 inches so the blue background for the stars could be about 17 inches long. The bottom would meet the 6th stripe from the bottom. So the blue background as 12 X 17 inches. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I wanted it to look sensible.

I cut a piece of cardboard 1 3/8

inches wide to act as a guide for spacing the Frog Tape. Then I measured up 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the board and started laying down my Frog Tape. I made 6 stripes and then measured the 12 X 17

inch rectangle for the blue background, using a pencil to draw the border. I continued to lay down the Frog Tape until I got to the top of the board.

Then I used one vertical piece of Frog Tape to outline the rectangle blue area.

Step 2

When I knew that was going to paint a flag, all I needed was paint. Even though the tabletop had been painted with white chalk paint, it needed a fresh coat of paint. I already had a jar of Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement from my breakfast room table makeover.

I started by painting the star area with the Casement.

Ideally, next, I would paint the white stripes, but I had taped off the area for the red stripes, so that’s what was painted next. When I knew that I would repurpose my tabletop into a flag, I searched Joann, but just could not find the right colors of red and blue. Then on a recent trip to McKinney for lunch with some of my blogger friends, I stopped in the booth at an antique mall that carries Fusion paint and found the perfect red and blue. The red is called Fort York Red and the blue is Liberty Blue

I painted the red stripes and realized that I placed the horizontal tape in the wrong place, but I could fix that when I painted the white stripes. You can see that there are a few places where the red paint bled through, but that’s easily fixed.

Reusing the Frog Tape, I moved it to cover the red stripes to paint the white stripes.

I love removing the Frog Tape to reveal your painted project.

Using a small brush, I made my corrections. I used both red and white paint to “erase” and even out the stripes. The roughness of the wood prevented super smooth lines, but I thought that would just add to the charm of the flag.

When I completed the corrections, I started on the stars and blue background. I knew that I was not going to have room for 50 stars

too many would be too small. I thought that 2

inch stars would show up best.

To create my white stars, I needed a star stencil. I created mine using my Cricut. In Design Space, I went to Images, then clicked on the ★ and sized it to 2 inches. Then I duplicated it to fill a piece of leftover blue vinyl. (This post shows you how to make a stencil with a Cricut.) I was able to get 20 stars.

I laid them out like the real flag in alternating lines of 6 and 5 stars. It was clear that I needed to make another sheet of stars. This time I used some leftover yellow vinyl.

Now it was time to paint the blue background. I used a bouncer to apply the Liberty Blue Paint.

To lift the vinyl stencil, I used the point of my paring knife. (I know I shouldn’t have used my good paring knife!) Again, some of the paint bled through. Just as I did for the stripes, I used a small brush with white paint to go back and make corrections.

I placed the flag on our mantle and I am so happy with the way it turned out. It will be a great focal point in our living room and the star of all our other 4th of July decorations.

I promise this is a one day project. It would probably be even easier with just a solid piece of wood, but I love that I was able to repurpose our tabletop. Literally, this project cost exactly $10, which was for the 2 tester pots of Fusion Paint.

Here is another place that I used my DIY painted American flag

in our breakfast room. A covered porch or patio would also be an awesome place to display your flag.

What DIY project for the 4th of July are you going to make? I’ve got a couple more up my sleeve

such as these easy patriotic DIY projects from last year’s July 4th edition of Ten on the 10th. The great thing about patriotic DIY projects is that they never go out of style. Especially how to paint an American flag.

If you want to remember how to repeat this American flag project, please PIN it.

So now it’s time to see what red, white, and blue projects my blogger friends have created.

Supplies for American Flag Front Door Basket

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

As always, with the crafts I do, I went into this without a plan. I started by placing the flags here and there in the basket to see what I wanted to do.

Once I took a look, I decided that I wanted to place them at different levels so you could see them all. In order to do that, I had to cut down the sticks of a few of the flags with my utility knife.

It's a pretty big basket so I ended up using only 13 of the 14 flags. It took a few minutes to get them placed just so, but the floral foam helped to keep them in place.

Once the flags were placed, I tried a red and white ribbon around the basket. It was ok but I decided that simpler was best.

The focus is the flags. as it should be.

It's definitely a large display but I think that if I would have gone any smaller with the flags, they would have gotten lost in the basket.

Once 4th of July and Labor Day have passed, I'll remove the flags and store them away until next year.

That's why I love this basket. It's so versatile and easy to change with the seasons.

American Flag Mason Jars

What says “Happy Birthday, America” better than mason jars?

I know many versions have been floating around Pinterest (you can follow me here, by the way!), but I found a beautiful tutorial here, and I decided to do it big (i.e. use quart-sized jars, rather than pint-sized) so I could use them as a centerpiece…

I also chose to spray paint the white (using a metal primer because that’s what I happened to have already in the shed!), and I found it much easier to work with than the acrylic. A little harder to distress… but not too bad.

May you have a wonderful fourth of July celebrating life and liberty with those you love!

American Flag Crafts for Kids

Focusing on the fantastic red, white and blue, here is our collection of American Flag Crafts for Kids. From fabulous printables to flag bookmarks.. lots to choose from and get ready for Memorial and 4th July!

Though I have created a section for patriotic crafts “for kids”… many preschoolers would still enjoy these crafts but may need a little assitance. Maybe older siblings could work together with younger ones? I particularly love the Paper Flag Crafts – perfect as a Flag Day Craft idea.

No Red Ted Art collection of crafts would be complete with out a Corner Bookmark.. we really do have a Bookmark for EVERY occassion and today’s American Flag round up is no exception.. check out our easy American Flag Corner Bookmarks – they make great little gifts for 4th July!

These Patriotic Paper Fans are super fun and easy to make – make them from scratch with blue, red and white paper OR use our handy stars and stripes printables – whatever suits you more!

And whilst we are on the topic of Paper American Flag Crafts for kids.. how is this American Flag Quiz? It is a Quiz and American Flag Cootie Catcer Printable in one. Choose from two printables – a plain flag to add your own questions, or a pre printed question Cootie Catcher!

Next up we have these Polymer Clay Flag DIY Rings.. these are a great DIY for Tweens or teens!

Ok, so we had cookies further up.. and these probably are JUST as easy as the ones made earlier… but hey they have an extra little step.. as they are Star Cookie Pops! The perfect 4th July Star Cookies!

Next up, we have this great Star Easy Origami Wreath – it looks tricky, but I promise you, the basic shape is easy to make and a great intoduction to Origami for kids! And we all know that doing origami with kids has huge benefits!

And adore these Printable 4th July Paper Chian by Love the Day!

10 Amazing 4th of July DIY Wreaths

4th of July Napkin Wreath

Quick and Easy Bandana Wreath

Fourth of July Coffee Filter Craft Wreath

There are so many amazing American Flag wreath ideas to choose from. I am leaning towards simple and maybe burlap. Which DIY American Flag Wreath idea do you like the best?

Supplies for American Flag Door Decor

To get started I found a basket at the thrift store that works perfectly for this project. Talk about a great find! Then I bought 6 American Flags.

This project is seemed really simple, but I ran into some issues. I was going to leave half the flags tall and cut half the flags short, but my basket just isn’t the right height for that. I ended up cutting about 3 inches off of each flag.

Step 6: Cut the Leftover Fabric

To give the rectangles their intended shape, you need to cut out the remnant fabric. To do this, just fold the flag in half, and cut just under the diagonal stitching.

I suggest you do this once all flags have been sewn to the jute cord, to avoid fraying during handling (although the fabric showed to be great and had minimal fraying!)

You can make the banner as long or as short as you want. I spaced the flags 4-inches apart.

And there you have it. A beautiful patriotic bunting banner to display at your next patriotic celebration!