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Weather in Scampagnata

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We clean the zucchini and put it on the large grater. Put the Parmesan cheese on a small grater, and the green onion is cleaned, washed and cut into small slices. Put olive oil in a pan, add chopped onion and drained zucchini, leave for about 5 minutes on high heat, add salt and pepper and add the broken basil leaves.

Separately in a bowl, mix the eggs well with salt and pepper, add the Parmesan cheese and the hardened zucchini. Mix well and add to a tray or heat-resistant dish lined with baking paper, which is left slightly soaked in water. Put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. When ready, carefully remove from the heat-resistant dish, lifting it from the baking paper.

Serve hot with an assorted summer salad

Scampagnata - Recipes

Meatballs with holiday flavor, this is what this month Panseluta challenges us in the Brave Challenge of the Brave Chef.
You may find the combination strange, but I assure you they are delicious.

But in order not to keep you on fire, I will tell you what the recipe entails.

500 gr minced meat
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
March 1 (small)
2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon hream ras
1 tip of cinnamon knife
juice of 1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon ground coriander

The recipe involved 1 clove of garlic, I like garlic so I put 2. We like horseradish again, so we mixed half with apples, putting the rest in the composition with meat.

The meat together with the breadcrumbs, egg, finely chopped onion and crushed garlic, but also the seasonings are mixed, then left to cool for half an hour. I left them longer. Initially I left the meat simple, then I formed the meatballs and -I left it cold for about 2 hours until half arrived and I fried them.

When I left the meat to cool, I cut the apple into cubes after I peeled it and took out the box with the seeds. I sprinkled it with lemon juice, I added cinnamon and grated horseradish.

Mozzarella (I used the special one for pizza that doesn't have too much liquid) I cut it into cubes.

I took the meat out of the fridge, I took 1 tablespoon of the composition, I flattened it by putting a piece of apple and a piece of mozzarella in the middle, after which I formed the meatball.

I also like baked meatballs, I like them more, it saves me from sitting next to the stove and they are more dietetic, but sometimes I fall into the trap and give in to the insistence of my sleep.

And since this time I followed the recipe almost step by step, I also opted for the garnish recommended by Panseluta, namely potatoes.

So I boiled the potatoes in salted water. When they boiled, I left them to cool, then I cleaned them, then cut them into rounds.
I greased a heat-resistant tray with olive oil, I put a layer of potatoes, then I cut the pieces of 2 tomatoes, I chopped fresh rosemary and sprinkled over the tomatoes, then I put again a row of potatoes and tomatoes sprinkled with rosemary. I put mozzarella cubes at the end. I put them in the oven on the grill option until they are browned.
Don't be surprised by how many layers I put, but I used a dwarf pot :)

I served meatballs sprinkled with parsley with potatoes and a valerian salad.

Scampagnata - Recipes

I had taken fresh octopus about a month ago, but due to lack of time and inspiration (I wanted something other than octopus salami to make it), I froze it.
But now the inspiration came and not anyway, but browsing Iolanda and Georgiana's blog, that is, simpler Sisterskitchen, a blog that this month was allocated to me within the Secret Challenge whose host is Iulian.

On the blog of the two sisters I found countless wonderful recipes (and I will definitely go back there to get more inspiration), but this time I stuck to the sprawling octopus.

My octopus weighed about 500 grams, being only two I divided it normally, to 2. I cut it into pieces and divided it into 2 individual vessels.
I also used:

6 cloves of garlic
bay leaves (fresh)
olive oil
hot peppers cut into pieces
sweet Boya

In each bowl I put 3 pieces of garlic, 1 bay leaf and according to the taste of each spice.
As my octopus was frozen and not a drop of salt water on it, I added some salt towards the end.
The lady with the tentacles will leave your water, so there is no need to add it, just put enough olive oil to cover them.
That's what the fresh tentacle looks like

And before putting the dishes in the oven

Put the dishes in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius and leave for about 50-60 minutes.
Before taking them out, check the octopus, mine after 50 minutes was still a great idea, so I extended the time.

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