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Mi Pueblo Food Center in San Jose, California, Shut Down Over Contaminated Food, Vermin

Mi Pueblo Food Center in San Jose, California, Shut Down Over Contaminated Food, Vermin

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Days after a shigella outbreak in San Jose, a local grocery store was briefly shut down over an unrelated contamination issue

The grocery store reopened on Wednesday, following another health inspection.

Mi Pueblo Food Center, a grocery store in San Jose, California, was shut down earlier this week on Tuesday, October 20, after health department officials found food contamination caused by vermin, according to an official inspection report.

The closure affected the grocery store as well as its deli and bakery sections. At the time, inspectors found five dead rodents, a live rat, and numerous droppings. On the following day, the store reopened after passing its inspection.

As of Wednesday, October 21, Mi Pueblo has again reopened after passing a follow-up inspection.

“After further inspection this morning from the Santa Clara Health Department in our 320 North Capitol Ave. location we were issued an A grade, which means our food handling practices and overall food facility maintenance are superior,” the store said in a statement.

The incident is not related to another public health scare in San Jose at the moment, in which nearly 100 people have been sickened by shigella, a highly infectious form of food poisoning, after eating at Mariscos San Juan, a seafood restaurant. The restaurant remains closed for the time being.

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